cathode materials for safe, long-life lithium-ion batteries.

High-performing lithium ferro phosphate (LFP)

sustainable processes.

Safe and environmentally

Next-generation cathode materials for safe, efficient energy storage.

An Australian-based company, VSPC has spent 20+ years and $35 million researching, developing and patenting processes for the cost-effective manufacture of high-purity, nano-scale materials for lithium-ion batteries.

VSPC’s core technology enables efficient production of high-performance cathode materials – lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) in particular, as well as lithium manganese ferro phosphate (LMFP) – with a strong focus on safety, cost and sustainability.

VSPC is a 100%-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Lithium Australia Ltd (ASX: LIT).


At its electrochemistry laboratory and pilot production facility in Brisbane, Queensland, VSPC designs, creates and supplies high-purity, high-performance, nano-scale  anode and cathode materials and complex metal oxides – from initial research through to pilot-plant (current) and ultimately commercial-scale manufacture.

Typically, products prepared from VSPC’s nano-scale formulations display enhanced physical, electrical and mechanical properties compared to other complex metal oxides currently available.

Worldwide, demand for complex metal oxides is burgeoning, mainly for use:

  • in batteries, computer chips and electronic displays;
  • as catalysts for auto emission control and the chemical industry, and
  • as components of solar photovoltaic cells and fuel-cell electrodes,

as well as in other, diverse applications.

Superior cathode materials such as LFP and LMFP are a key component of improved lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology.

VSPC is currently focused on producing advanced LFP cathode powders, the technical properties of which are tailored to specific applications.

The aim is to improve current Li-ion production processes, thereby ensuring better, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly energy storage.

VSPC welcomes suggestions for collaborative projects and partnerships with potential customers and end-users from around the globe.

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